Get Your Gut in Check

We are super excited to have Kombucha Kart as one of our sponsors.   They will be providing us some delicious and nutritious kombucha drinks for our Women’s Health Symposium in February 2017!

Embodying a symbiotic approach with community, eco-sustainability and local commerce, Holy City Kombucha kART™ is designed to be a mobile distribution of Kombucha on tap. We thrive on educating people as well as promoting local and bioregional Artisan Kombucha Brewers. The “kART” itself is 100% self-sustainable, functional “art,” made from mostly up-cycled, and repurposed materials. We do all of this in efforts to practice serving our community Kombucha’s probiotic health benefits, supporting local brewers that practice sustainability, and proving that reducing our carbon footprint can make some pretty fun art!

Gut health affects millions of people and targets those who are deprived of antioxidants, live fast paced lifestyles, as well as those with hormonal imbalances. Skin conditions, mental breakdowns, nightmares and stress, can all be results of bad gut health. Kombucha naturally produces probiotics that will replenish and revitalize good gut health. And if you’ve never had it on tap, you’re missing out! Just by participating daily in this refreshing, relaxing cocktail, you ingest benefits that may improve your digestion, repair your skin cells, revive your mental clarity, and support mood stability. This raw and alive food (drink) has been used by herbal healers as medicine for centuries. Today, we’re bringing it back!

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