We Heart Kombucha.. and you should too!

We are super excited to have Dalai Sofia Kombucha as one of our sponsors.   They will be providing us some delicious and nutritious kombucha drinks for our Women’s Health Symposium in February 2017!

At Dalai Sofia, our beverages are the product of our belief that healthy individuals create healthy communities. Our partners include a master wine maker, an award-winning mixologist, and a small farmer, each brining unique and time-tested skills to our team. Our mission together has been to build a sustainable small business that not only supports us and others financially and creatively, but one that helps support a larger network of small businesses, each engaged in rising to their personal best through innovation, teamwork, and resiliency. Our decision to create healthy, fermented beverages comes from our desire to aid in as many individual quests for health as possible. Using our existing and growing skills, we strive to create some of the best kombucha and jun that one can buy.

Find us at www.DalaiSofia.com