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Welcome our Newest Sponsor!

We are super excited to have Pamela Maynard with Pruvit as one of our sponsors for our Women's Holistic Healthy Symposium in October 2017! We at Pruvit are each Independent Promoters and offer Pure Therapeutic Ketones to help put your body into ketosis in under an hour.  Ketosis is burning the body’s fat for fuel.  The benefits of Ketones and ketosis are:  Fat Loss, Muscle Preservation, Fast and Sustained Energy,

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ELEVATE Intuitive Workshop — Register NOW!

ELEVATE – Explore Your Gifts, Enrich Your Life Everyone is born with spiritual gifts. Yes, it’s true! Have you been wondering how to access yours? Maybe you have been experiencing an opening of those gifts and are unsure how best to develop them or who to ask for guidance. You have questions, we have answers! We invite you to come play with us in the field of infinite possibilities for a

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