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Ed Schultz

 Meet Ed
 Ed Schultz has been deeply connected to both the science and art of Palmistry for many years. His intuitive nature and deep understanding of this modality creates the perfect teacher to assist us in translating the lines of our hands and accessing the hidden secrets that reside in the palm of the hand.

Connect with Ed at Our Following Upcoming Events:

ELEVATE Event – October 7, 2017 – Charleston, South Carolina



All Hands on Deck – Palmistry for Your Health

Our palms carry important information about health, personality, and character traits. During this presentation, Ed will teach us how to interpret potential health challenges as well as identify undesirable character traits in self and others. This information can be used to calculate risk by building on positive traits and lending insight for self work on less desirable ones. Once armed with this information, we can then make necessary changes to improve our current experience and future reality.