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James Himm Mitchell, MA, CACR™

Meet James

Hi, I’m James, and I’m passionate about dreams, Tarot, Reiki, personal growth and development, and self-improvement.

In my work as a Tarot reader, Certified Angel Card Reader™, Dream Decoder, and intuitive life coach, I help clients seeking guidance and direction tap into their inner wisdom–so they can develop strategies to transform their personal and professional lives.

Most of my clients are spiritual seekers, like me; I also work with aspiring coaches, creatives (writers and artists) and holistic and/or metaphysical practitioners and service providers–who dream of turning their spiritual passions into a business.

When I work with divination tools, my reading style is conversational and interactive, and consulting the cards isn’t just about making future predictions; the cards become a springboard for creating an action plan designed to get you from the energies of the present to the future you want to create.

In my work with the cards, the future isn’t written in stone or “fated” to happen; rather the future is a result of the choices we make and the actions we take in the present moment.

I do this work because I know from my own personal experiences–as well as reading professionally for 18 years–that divination systems can be powerful tools of personal transformation, and I’m committed to using them to give you both the strategies and support you need to transform your life, your career, and your personal well-being.

My dream, with this work, is to offer people another perspective about their experiences, and to empower them to choose the best course of action, so they can move forward and live the life of their dreams.

My favorite quote is by Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”


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ELEVATE Event – October 7, 2017 – Charleston, South Carolina

Getting to Know Your Oracle

In this presentation, James will share some ways to create and strengthen the connection with your oracle deck, based on his own personal experiences reading oracles for the past 18 years.