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Jean Maczko, BS, LMT

Meet Jean:

Jean Maczko is a Self-Mastery Mentor, Spiritual Coach, and Energy Healer who brings 20 years of experience to teach you how to align your life and restore balance to your mind, body and spirit.  

“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done” – Thomas Jefferson


A little more about Jean:

Hi Loves!! I’m Jean. I have been immersed in studying the multi-layers of the body, mind, and spirit for 20 years. I am fascinated by the inner workings of the consciousness and strive to help others gain clarity into places many do not think to look.

I help those who struggle with financial stress, unfulfilling careers and/or challenges in relationships to make permanent shifts to create a reality they love to live in. Imagine a life of financial freedom and gaining the ability to travel, feel secure, and enjoy life with no struggle. Imagine a life of deep satisfaction each day as you joyfully delve into your life passion. Imagine feeling immensely loved, cherished, and happy in all your relationships. This is not only possible, but is the way we are meant to live here.
I am a Self-Mastery Mentor and Energy Medicine Specialist. If you have found me, you are ready to move into and through pieces of Self that have kept you stuck. I see truth and potential, and what is standing in the way of you living in yours. I serve as a catalyst for healing, with intentions of empowering you to step into your own true potential. My work is a dynamic healing system that utilizes several modalities to move through layers of “stuck” that has been your reality. We all have baggage that we carry. I open your eyes to what you are carrying and assist you in releasing it to open to the natural flow of abundance in love, money and self-empowerment. My work is an integrated blend of mentoring to give you insights on why your current challenge is occurring, as well as energy healing to permanently move stuck energy out of your field. 

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ELEVATE Event – October 7, 2017 – Charleston, South Carolina

Jean has been channelling the Archangels and Ascended Masters for several years. Through channel, she opens a gateway for others to connect with the higher realms. Her meditations are led by spirit and she is known for her ability to transcend any size group into a state of higher consciousness.

The earth’s vibration is shifting to a higher frequency of wisdom, compassion, and unconditional love. We are being asked to expand in our awareness of Self, to release limiting and outdated beliefs, and to step into a more authentic version of ourselves. As we journey into this new paradigm of thought, belief, and experience, it is vital to understand how to navigate new ways of being. It can be a confusing time without the proper assistance. Join Jean as she assists you in connecting with your own guidance system, giving you profound tools and complete access in discovering your true soul’s path here during this time of rapid ascension.


THRIVE Women’s Holistic Health Symposium  – October 14, 2017 – Beaufort, South Carolina

How Shifting your Energy can Shift your Life!

Your soul’s agenda is to learn, grow and THRIVE! If you are doing something to hold yourself back from evolving, your life will reflect that. You may find yourself repeating patterns over and over again, find yourself in jobs that leave you unfulfilled, or in relationships that leave you craving “something” more. Your inner beliefs and energy patterns create the “reality” that you currently experience. If you don’t like what you see around you, it is time to go within and work on what you are sending out.

Our Chakra system is a vital piece in providing insights into what is working, what is not, and how to change it. We are powerful healers of Self and can make profound changes in our daily experiences just by making subtle shifts in our energy bodies. Join Jean for an interactive presentation as she introduces you to the Chakra system. Get ready to explore what imbalances you may have, and how to correct them more permanently and completely. 


Jean’s Credentials

Jean has a variety of credentials in holistic health care:

  • Bachelor of Science, Psychology
  • Holistic Psychology
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Craniosacral Therapy- Upledger Institute
  • Polarity Therapy – certified
  • Healing Touch – Healing Touch International, Inc
  • Hands of Light – Brennan Healing Sciences, Miami, Fl.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy – Nationally Certified
  • Prenatal Massage – Nurturing the Mother with Clair Miller
  • Studied for 3 years under the guidance of Shamanic practitioner, Dakota Walker
  • Member of AMTA