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Martha O’Regan

Meet Martha

As a self-described Awakened Shift-Head, Martha O’Regan knows intimately what it means wake up and get her shift together! In her desire to experience life with greater ease rather than struggle, she began reading books, listening to the gurus, going to the workshops ultimately believing she could simply think her way to health, happiness and success. Realizing that by missing (or perhaps ignoring) the deeper messages of the heart, rather than the head, she believes her awakening process took longer and created greater frustration than if she had listened sooner. Her journey from being Shift Head to having a Heart Shift, is now her catalyst for supporting others navigating the same path of learning to manage life’s crazy shift being awake and aligned with the magnificent power that is always available to us.


A little more about Martha:

Martha began her career as a muscle therapist 24 years ago because she had a headache that modern medicine could not fix, ultimately leading to an understanding of the muscular components to pain and the idea that the body is designed to heal.  After years of helping others with their various pain patterns using the work of Neuro-muscular and Cranial Sacral therapies, she encountered a new health challenge which again put her in the medical mamba line of specialists sharing that her tests results were ‘normal and unremarkable’, there was nothing wrong and it was all in her head. Knowing that there was nothing ‘normal and unremarkable’ about being sick and tired all the time, she threw her hands in the air and shouted ‘Good grief God…what in the heck am I here to learn’?! 

The next day, she discovered a Chiropractor who took a ‘unique approach’ to healing and was ultimately brought to the work of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique) and a greater understanding of the healing powers of mind, body and spirit. In addition, B.E.S.T. added a new element in supporting her clients in igniting their healing abilities. Martha’s takes a simple, fun and direct approach in teaching others how to take their health back into their own hands with simple techniques at our disposal every minute of every day.

Her journey led her into deeper study with Dr. Sue Morter and is now a Certified Energy Codes® Practitioner, which has anchored in her understanding of the connected-ness of the mind, body and spirit for daily living from the heart. As an Embodiment Coach for the Awakened Shift-Heads, Martha combines the work of B.E.S.T. and The Energy Codes® to support others in feeling what it means to live in both worlds…the seen and the unseen… while creating the most magnificent and vibrant life possible!


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THRIVE Women’s Holistic Health Symposium  – October 14, 2017 – Beaufort, South Carolina

Wake Up and Get Your Shift Together!

‘Shift’ is constantly happening…..Universally, globally, locally, physically, cellularly and vibrationally.  Every aspect of our experience here on planet earth is in continuous communication and motion with forces we can’t see but we can often feel in our physical body. As electro-magnetic conduits of light and love, we are designed for energy to flow through us out to serve others and down to mother earth.  

Unfortunately, ‘shift’ gets stuck in the body, ultimately causing what we call symptoms.  Learning to manage the energies of mind/body/spirit based on how we are designed, is paramount to growing and evolving as conscious humans ‘being’ in the world.  

During our time together, you will learn simple embodiment tools to support you in navigating the ebb and flow of life based on how it feels in your body so that when your ‘shift’ is hitting the fan, you can move through it with more ease, flow and fun!