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Rebecca Shaw, CCH

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and an expert in personal development who helps soulfully ambitious women to break through stress, lack of confidence and their own mental roadblocks so they can unleash their brilliance and make an impact in the world.  Having conducted over 50,000 hours of private sessions and group workshops, she has decoded a process of how to rapidly identify and clear your biggest inner hurdles. Rebecca is also the founder and director of the Charleston Hypnosis Center, LLC.

Unleash Your Money, Mission, and Moxie in 2017:  

Imagine your life right now as you wish it could be.  If you are like many people, you may feel stuck.  There’s a huge disconnect between what you want to achieve versus how you are actually showing up in life.  You may have already discovered that will power and effort alone do not create lasting change. The problem is that many people get stuck in habitual patterns with their thoughts and behaviors.   These often unconscious or uncontrollable repeating patterns keep us from aligning with what we most want, to thrive.  In this presentation, Personal Development Expert, Rebecca Taylor Shaw, CCH will share with you how to get unstuck by clearing your inner roadblocks and the five steps to finding your purpose, unleashing your confidence and making an impact.


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