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Rose Marie Swanson

Meet Rose Marie

Rose Marie Swanson is an internationally known teacher, coach, mentor, spiritual guide, public speaker and co-owner of Akashic Records Consultants International School. Her life story is an inspirational one of inner discovery and of overcoming obstacles from her past. Rose Marie uses her life experiences for the benefit of others helping them to overcome personal issues that continue to weigh them down.

“I began this life feeling that I didn’t belong. At a very early age, I began receiving inner guidance. I closed this doorway due to the influences of family.”

From an abusive childhood, I grew into a wounded adult. I navigated life through the lens of a victim. This way of functioning stayed with me until I experienced a severe accident in the mid-eighties. At that time, I choose to confront and deal with the core beliefs behind being a victim. I knew I must face the past in order to move forward into the vibrant life I was designed for. Through this awakening, I reevaluated my life and the importance I knew I could play in the greater world.

I became a seeker – not knowing what I was looking for – but knowing something was missing. I studied with many teachers and learned many different modalities.

Through what became a beautifully clear and deeply profound journey, I now hold keys to self-discovery for others. Each teacher and modality lifted, healed and strengthened me in many ways. Tapping into my essential essence, I discovered ME!

I now know who I am – not from my personality perspective – but from the perspective of my Soul. This is a big huge difference. As I have opened up to this knowing, my life has become extraordinary. I invite you to come join me to experience the Truth of who YOU are – integrate it – live it fully!”

I use traditional life coaching techniques, spiritual mentoring and spiritual guidance to assist you in finding your true calling in life.


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THRIVE Women’s Holistic Health Symposium  – October 14, 2017 – Beaufort, South Carolina

Loving Self-Care! – with Rose Marie Swanson

It is time for all of us to begin living our lives differently.  Time to break away from the typical way of being as the mundane ‘normal’ way of being is no longer working for humanity.  We are being asked to rise above that old paradigm and begin our spiritual journey back home. The way there is through your connection with your own Soul, establishing that connection strongly and living it. We can find tune our lives through greater self-care. Where we once may have neglected Self, we are now being asked to re-evaluate that position and step into a place of healthier well-being.

Rose Marie will cover topics including:

  • Commitment- deciding why you are important enough
  • Taking responsibility of emotions, thoughts and behaviors
  • Letting go of all judgments
  • Finding your Soul’s truth

Rose Marie will also guide a Sacred Activation in which she will assist you in moving through your blocks in order to solidify this new way of being. This is a powerful gift to give yourself!