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Dr Wendy Perrell, EdD

Meet Dr. Wendy:

Dr. Wendy M. Perrell, EdD, Soul Coach, Contemporary Shaman and CEO of We Empower Consciousness, is on a mission to empower people to align with their soul’s purpose.  Trained as a coach and shaman, she has a unique 20-year background in coaching, spiritual development, karmic pattern healing, and personal empowerment.  She empowers lawyers, entrepreneurs, doctors, CEOs, students, homemakers, and professors to unleash their personal power to achieve personal and professional goals while fulfilling their soul’s purpose.  Dr. Wendy gives back to the community by teaching soul and spiritual development classes at Bliss Co-Op and Seeds of Life spiritual centers.


A little more about Dr. Wendy:

Dr. Wendy believes Your Personal Power Determines Your Destiny. She teaches women to unleash their personal power by learning how to break karmic patterns and maximize their natural talents and gifts. Dr. Wendy encourages all women to be confident to let their light shine as they step into their soul’s purpose. She channels Angels to heal women’s patterns of feeling shame, guilt, unravel that knot of unworthiness, unlovable, and unnoticeable, as well as remove the energy of grief, anger and fear that blocks the joy of fulfilling their soul’s purpose.  She mentors women to activate their intuition and soul guidance system so they can stop giving their power away.  Dr. Wendy provides the spiritual mentoring, tools, and practices that empower women to finally enjoy love, wealth, health, joy, and balance.  The world is waiting for you to let your light shine and light up the world for other women to follow. Be brave and be the light.


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THRIVE Women’s Holistic Health Symposium  – October 14, 2017 – Beaufort, South Carolina

Soul Health: Nourish your Soul and Improve Your Health
Dr. Wendy will share ancient wisdom regarding the messages of the soul and the tools to release negative energy, remove emotional blocks and take back your personal empower.  You will learn how to synchronize and harmonize the energy of your body, mind and soul. She will share a channeled angel message and provide some spiritual tools and practices that will result in increased energy, well-being, peace, and joy.