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Women’s Holistic Health Symposium Event Sponsors

We would like to take a moment to thank the local businesses who have shown us some love in the creation of our first Women’s Holistic Health Symposium.  Without their support and generosity, our jobs in the creation of this fabulous event would not be as easy.

Much Love and Gratitude to the following companies.



Jean Maczko LOGO

 I am a Self-Mastery Mentor and Energy Medicine Specialist. I have helped hundreds of people shift into a better state of being throughout my lifetime. My work is different than most, and is multi-faceted. It is a dynamic healing system that encompasses several modalities to create physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual health, thereby setting you up for more permanent and complete healing.

My intent is to work with your natural healing processes as well as to assist you in translating that language. When life throws you a curve ball, you will learn to understand where it is coming from and how to remedy it. Awareness is key and teaching you how to listen is important in staying in an empowered state of being.

Within my mentorship sessions, we work together to unearth patterns you may cycle through, as well as your untapped potential and gifts. I help to increase your understanding of detrimental patterns, bring awareness to potential fears and blocks standing in your way, and teach you tools to navigate life differently.

Usually in tandem with mentorship, I integrate energy healing which assists in moving stuck or stagnant energy out more permanently. I assist people in healing old wounds and traumas from this lifetime and past. When we resolve the original wound, it ripples out and also clears the consecutive layers that have built on top of it. When we release stored blocks, we change the vibration that we send out and begin to see massive changes in what we draw back in.

Find out more about my work at:   www.TheCollective.love






Our focus at Lime and Lotus is to bring quality, professional healing arts services to the Charleston community.  Our services include Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic, Holistic Mental Health, Massage Therapy, Natural Weight Loss, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, and Natural Female Hormone Balancing.   We offer both in depth one on one sessions with licensed holistic health care providers as well as group sessions and workshops that are designed to heal and transform your mind, body and spirit.  We believe that your full empowerment is only truly reached when all of these elements are in harmony.


The collaborative community of practitioners at Lime and Lotus allows patients to experience unique access to a wide range of therapies and modalities as they pursue their health goals toward total wellness in body, mind and spirit.


925 Wappoo Road – Suite F

Charleston, SC 29407



Find us at www.LimeandLotus.com






Part feminista part fashionista our mission is to publish a monthly magazine that speaks to all sides of a women’s personality – their work, their play, their families and their creativity, through one of kind content and effective advertising.

Created by women for women skirt! is a free publication in Charleston, SC.


spirited, independent, outspoken, serious, playful and irreverent, sometimes controversial and always passionate.

Find us at www.Skirt.com







Standard Process is the visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions. We apply systems thinking to holistic nutrition that empowers practitioners to transform lives.

Standard Process is devoted to improving the quality of life by providing the safest, most effective, highest quality dietary supplements through health care professionals. Since 1929 they have provided health care professionals with high-quality, nutritional whole food supplements. Their extensive range of products support the healthy functioning of every body system.

FROM SEED TO SUPPLEMENT® — Since 1929, Standard Process has been dedicated to the field of nutritional supplements and the whole food philosophy introduced by Dr. Royal Lee. Discover just how resilient your body can be when given the proper nutrition.


Find us at www.spofsc.com






Lime and Lotus Organics is an all natural skin care line developed with high standards and pure ingredients in order to create pure products. This simple, yet effective mindset is what drives us.

We offer an authentic alternative to the mass produced synthetic products in the market today. We are committed to using only natural ingredients in our products. Our ingredients are free from synthetic chemicals, paraben preservatives, petrochemicals, phthalates, artificial colors or fragrances of any kind. We create high quality all-natural products without compromise to our ingredients, packaging or cost.  We believe that everything we know about beauty we first learned from Mother Nature.

Lime and Lotus Organics was created by a holistic doctor, who wanted pure products for herself and her patients, but found many products to be lacking and filled with harmful chemicals. She designed the products for Lime and Lotus Organics to be pure, free from chemicals, and products that she could use for both her practice and her family.

Be Organically Beautiful!

Find us at www.LimeandLotusOrganics.com





ef·fer·ves·cence: noun: vivacity and enthusiasm.

Effervescence Yoga Spa is created to bring delightful relaxation to Beaufort, SC.

Founded in 2017 by Wellness Practitioner, Brittney Hiller; our name Effervescence is based on her effervescent personality.  Each class and experience with Brittney offers our Community Members the chance to feel happy and healthy.  After many years of traveling from one location to the next and offering a wide variety of massage, yoga, and laughter yoga services; Brittney decided to place all of her modalities into one location.  We are excited to expand our yoga practice and learn holistic practices that assist our vibrant and flourishing lives.

We invite you to join us as we create a space that is welcoming, approachable, and joyful to all whom enter our doors.

Visit us at www.effervescenceyogaspa.com



BEAU Magazine™ is designed to fashionably liberate, inform, entertain and integrate our LGBTAQI community. We provide an atmosphere for everyone under the rainbow to express their voice, as well as to see which businesses and services openly support and welcome them. Captured in each blog are empowering stories written by Charleston’s OUT Crowd, designed to captivate and engage the reader, ultimately connecting and strengthening Charleston’s LGBTAQI community. BEAU Magazine™ is a platform to gather, analyze and share information regarding issues and experiences that relate to our vast community. BEAU is a safe space designed to enhance communications and relationships between our communities, and a place for us all shine as our true selves. Be a part of Charleston’s OUT Crowed with BEAU Magazine! ALL awesome people are welcomed.
Visit us at:   BEAU-Magazine.com
Instagram: BEAU.Magazine 




The Kombucha kART™ is designed to help connect communities through educating and gaining awareness of the importance of integrating probiotics into our everyday diets. There are many health benefits to this culture (Kombucha culture), but one huge beneficial factor that’s often overlooked is the comradery that drinking and home brewing Kombucha brings to communities.  Much like the glorified “Brewmeister,” the making, learning and sampling that revolves around this emerging scene is just as healthy as Kombucha itself.   Mix that into an environmentally friendly, mobile “kART” made of up cycled and re-purposed materials, and you have the Kombucha kART!

Gut health affects millions of people and targets those who are deprived of antioxidants, live fast paced lifestyles, as well as those with hormonal imbalances. Skin conditions, mental breakdowns, nightmares and stress, can all be results of bad gut health. Kombucha naturally produces probiotics that will replenish and revitalize good gut health. And if you’ve never had it on tap, you’re missing out! Just by participating daily in this refreshing, relaxing cocktail, you ingest benefits that may improve your digestion, repair your skin cells, revive your mental clarity, and support mood stability. This raw and alive food (drink) has been used by herbal healers as medicine for centuries. Today, we’re bringing it back!

Find us at: GoKombuchakART.com


Frank Photo LogoOur passion is to develop a relationship and trust with our clients. We want to create images which casually captures beauty and not-to-be repeated moments with an equal sense of style.

We don’t just capture beautiful things, we get the emotion down too.

Our style is creative, natural, passionate and playful to create the most vibrant photographs. In specific occasions we provide two photographer to capture the full scope of each session or event.

Wedding – Portraits – Events – Workshops – Commercial – Special Assignment

We would like hear from you! Contact us for a consultation of your photographic needs!

Find us at www.frankhphotography.com



Dalai Sofia Logo


At Dalai Sofia, our beverages are the product of our belief that healthy individuals create healthy communities. Our partners include a master wine maker, an award-winning mixologist, and a small farmer, each brining unique and time-tested skills to our team. Our mission together has been to build a sustainable small business that not only supports us and others financially and creatively, but one that helps support a larger network of small businesses, each engaged in rising to their personal best through innovation, teamwork, and resiliency. Our decision to create healthy, fermented beverages comes from our desire to aid in as many individual quests for health as possible. Using our existing and growing skills, we strive to create some of the best kombucha and jun that one can buy.

Find us at www.DalaiSofia.com 




Healing Connection Network is a website which was created by Anne-Marie & Scott Wiesman to fill a need they saw when they moved to Charleston and were searching for alternative practitioners. They found that many practitioners could only be found via word of mouth and that some had no online presence at all. So, they set out to build a platform to provide a network offering free listings to Healing, Wellness and Holistic Professionals.

The Healing Connection Network platform also includes a radio show. HCN Radio is Co-hosted by Anne-Marie and Shajen Joy Aziz who is a Speaker, Author, and Co-Creator of the international bestselling book and film Discover the Gift. The show will air weekly and will be a radio show and Belive.TV broadcast on FB live simultaneously.

Healing Connection Network Radio Show interviews celebrities, leaders, authors, humanitarians, healers, lightworkers and others who are sharing their message and gifts to spread more healing into the world.

The mission of HCN & HCN Radio is to spread more healing into the world and to provide the platform for healers and those individuals and companies making a positive difference in the world to be discovered and for their work to be highlighted.

Find us at: www.HealingConnectionNetwork.com




We at Pruvit are each Independent Promoters and offer Pure Therapeutic Ketones to help put your body into ketosis in under an hour.  Ketosis is burning the body’s fat for fuel.  The benefits of Ketones and ketosis are:  Fat Loss, Muscle Preservation, Fast and Sustained Energy, Reduces Brain Fog, Increased Focus, Appetite Suppression, Strength Gain, Better Mood, Better Sleep, Better Digestion and Clear Skin.

scientifically prüven

Not only are these people feeling great and looking amazing, as a result of taking KETO//OS®. They are scientifically prüving it to themselves!

Using ketone testing strips, found at any good pharmacy, you can perform a simple before and after test, to prüv the presence of ketones in your body.


Find us at: Pmaynard.experienceketo.com 

Pamela Maynard





Young Living has been a world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions for over 24 years. Seed to Seal® is their commitment to establishing and maintaining the goal to bring the highest quality therapeutic grade Essential Oils to every home while at the same time honoring their stewardship by providing products that have been created with conscientious sourcing, science, and standards. They foster a community of healing and discovery while inspiring individuals to wellness, purpose, and abundance.

As an Executive member of Young Living, Lucy Conn shares and educate others in the use of essential oils to support a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she helps individuals and families remove the toxins from their lives by swapping out harsh chemicals for a natural way of living. From personal care products to household cleaning supplies we give you the tools to free your home of the toxins that are in so many products that we use every day.  We provide products and opportunities to empower others to live a life at a higher frequency, filled with energy and freedom.

Find us at: http://cr8wme.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lucy.knutsonconn

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/essentially_lucy/



Interested in becoming a sponsor for this event?  Contact us at hello@soulblossoms.org for more information.